What is Snagging?

Snagging is the process of identifying faults, defects or 'snags' in your newbuild home. Our Chartered Surveyors perform detailed snagging inspections on all new build property types. You can receive a professional report on all major and minor property issues from your local, experienced Chartered Surveyor with Stroma. Our surveyors record all snags,c defects and problems with photographic evidence delivering an expert service to give you peace of mind on your new home.

What is a snag?

A snag is a problem, defect or unresolved item of damage that remains in your newbuild property after all the building work has been completed. A snag can be anything from a badly fitted appliance, un-even paintwork, a cosmetic scratch or an un-finished installation. Generally, snags are only cosmetic issues that do not take that long to resolve; however, more serious issues can be detected such as a badly fitted kitchen unit or a structural defect, something you really need to seek expert guidance on.

Why choose Stroma Building Control for Snagging?

The last thing you want to deal with after moving into your dream home is a whole host of different snagging issues. By appointing Stroma Building Control to carry out the snagging process for you, you remove the hassle and stress associated with resolving any number of issues yourself, giving you more time to enjoy your new home. By choosing us and our experienced, Chartered Surveyors you ensure that no snagging issue will be missed and have access to the best advice in the industry. Any issues will be rectified with the help of your local surveyor.

When you choose us to look after your snagging you will get:

  • Instant online booking and a response within 24 hours
  • Photographic evidence to help negotiate repair work with your housebuilder
  • Documented written evidence from the surveyor’s inspection
  • Surveyors have experience of thousands of property inspections
  • Our specialist equipment identifies issues quickly and accurately; 360 camera, infrared camera and thermal imaging
  • Friendly advice from a specialist inspection company
  • A PDF report for your own storage and use
  • Reduced price 2nd visit if snags are not resolved first time round by your builder

To book a snagging inspection, or to learn more click here.