Top 5 Common Snagging Issues in New Build Homes

It is likely that if you’ve recently moved into a new build home that there are some obvious issues or defects you’ve identified which your builder will need to fix. These sorts of things are more commonly known as “snags”. In the first two years following the sale of a new build home, it is the responsibility of your housebuilder to rectify and make those issues right.

Whilst every property is unique, our Surveyors have told us the Top 5 most common issues they’ve found during a Snagging Inspection.

Top 5 Common Snags

1. Damage to Internal or External Doors These are sometimes easy to miss. Check all of your internal and external doors for marks, scratches, chips or dents. In more extreme cases the doors may not close at all. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case – perhaps the hinges are loose, or if it’s a wooden door it may not have been correctly planed.

2. Improper Plasterwork This is another defect with is notoriously easy to miss during the excitement of moving into your home. Often, some weeks may pass before you’re relaxing in front of the television and either internal or external light casts its glare on some shoddy plastering. Again, the plaster could be chipped, rough or in need of another coat. It’s often an eyesore and something which causes undue stress for new homeowners.

3. Leaky Pipes! The internal plumbing is crucial to making sure your radiators, toilets, sinks, washing machines and baths do their jobs. In mild cases you might notice a few drops of water resting on your carpet, wood or laminate flooring. The situation becomes more severe when the problem is hidden – we’ve all seen the horror stories of leaks ruining large parts of a new house when not fixed immediately.

4. Tiling Issues If you’ve ever turned your hand to tiling then some of these problems may be all too familiar. Look out for:

  • Cracked tiles
  • Missing tiles
  • Unfinished grout
  • Superficial chips or blemishes
  • Tiles which have fallen off the wall and broken

5. External Brickwork You can’t forget about the outside of your home. Are the bricks level and smooth? Is the brickwork free from mortar or putty? Are any bricks chipped or damaged? All these questions and more should be asked when examining the exterior of the property.

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