New Build Snagging Service Launches

Stroma Building Control is piloting a new service in the North West and West Yorkshire, providing a New Build Snagging service to residential properties on newly developed homes.

What is a Snagging Inspection?

Moving into a new home is a dream for most homeowners, but when defects aren't identified until after the keys have been collected, it causes stress and frustration. Stroma Building Control's Snagging service is provided by a qualified surveyor. They will visit the property to conduct a visual survey, checking the walls, ceilings, pipework, radiators, skirting boards, tiles, light fittings etc. Homeowners receive a photographic PDF report which highlights areas of concern and provides evidence for presentation to the builder.

A Snagging Inspection is suitable for all new-build types. Our flexible pricing matrix offers a fair price depending on the size and complexity of your property.

How does a Snagging Report help to solve issues?

It can be complicated and time-consuming to rectify any defects with your property to a sufficient standard. Sometimes home owners will identify a number of issues, but only a few are repaired, or repaired well. The Snagging Report is an independent document, offering evidence and proof of the issues.

“During the first 12-24 months, any issues with your new build home should be repaired by the housebuilder, before the NHBC warranty transfers over. Once it is outside the original warranty period, repairs can become complicated and difficult to determine who has the responsibility to fix the issues.”

Jonathan Gallie, Director

Failure to identify both minor issues and major building defects can result in the home becoming uninhabitable in a worst case scenario. A professional New Build Snagging Report is an evidence-based independent document to offer homeowners valuable support when negotiating repairs.

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