Take action, be prepared

Achieving compliance against the new Bill be a significant undertaking, with the consequences for non-compliance too great to risk.

The Building Safety Bill currently passing through Parliament will make organisations and individuals Accountable Persons with clearly defined duties. These duties will require an Accountable Person to ask, “is my building safe for occupants?”

Answering this question requires a new approach to building safety and management.

Unlike statutory compliance, the Government won’t be defining precisely what “safe” means. Taking a lead from other regulated sectors, we expect the new Building Safety Regulator in the HSE will require Accountable Persons to ensure the risks to occupants of higher-risk buildings are as low as reasonably practicable.

Accountable Persons will need to take a holistic approach to demonstrate this. Stroma term this new approach as comprehensive building safety management.

Stroma can support your organisation develop and implement each aspect of a fit for purpose comprehensive building safety management system.

Stroma can support your organisation develop each aspect of a fit for purpose comprehensive building safety management system, including:

Developing a complete and comprehensive ‘golden thread’ of building information in a widely-compatible and accessible digital model.

The digital model includes all safety-critical assets and documentation within a visual 3D representation.

Developing a structured and compelling Building Safety Case.

Based on the ‘golden thread’ of building information, developing the safety case will identify where any remedial actions may need to be carried out ahead of the legislation becoming law.

Developing a bespoke resident/occupant engagement approach focused on your building.

Reflecting the characteristics of residents and the building itself, we can help you develop a Resident Engagement Strategy that is mutually supportive of the safety case for the building.

Appointing a competent Building Safety Manager and implementing an effective day-to-day management system.

The Building Safety Manager is a new profession and individuals will need suitable training, accreditation and experience.

A management and reporting platform to provide building specific safety performance reports.

Managing safety through our digital model will enable Accountable Persons to receive building and portfolio-wide reports on compliance with statutory duties and the requirements of the Building Safety Bill.
If your organisation is interested in preparing itself ready for the Bill, please get in touch today.